Latécoère and Graphite produce 3D printed clips for the next generation of wing technologies

With the first assembly of the ‘Wing of Tomorrow’ prototype complete, Graphite Additive Manufacturing are thrilled to have worked with Latécoère to 3D print custom aircraft clips for the project. A leader in the field of Aerostructures and Interconnection systems, Latécoère is a Tier 1 partner of the program led [...]

How customisation with 3D printing helped transform a classic American farm truck

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we regularly support clients to harness the huge possibilities for customisation that Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) offers. Our client Leigh Marris from Synapse Point 7 took on a personal automotive project to restore a characterful 1954 Chevy 3100 truck. He turned to us to guide the [...]

Our work with SailGP – Vastly Improving Time Efficiency whilst Reducing Costs

Imagine one of the world’s fastest high-speed race boats, flying through the choppy ocean elements, hitting speeds of nearly 100km/h. Saltwater splashes off almost every visible area on the vessel, all elements being pushed to the maximum limits… Every single part on SailGP’s F50 has been carefully selected to improve [...]

High Performance 3D Printed Parts for SailGP

“It’s important for us to have Graphite on board. They share our passion and are always trying to push the boundaries of what we can achieve.” We sat down with Nathan Libby, Head of Electronics at SailGP, to understand how 3D Printed Parts have increased their capabilities and the performance [...]

Streamlining Processes with 3D Printed Part Fixtures

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we have worked with Impcross to develop their Component Marking and CMM Inspection Fixtures. Due to the complexity of the parts, the challenge was to repeatably secure components quickly, whilst also reducing the potential for damage. The original set-up included using multiple clamps and V-blocks and [...]

Beautifully Engineered Vapor Smoothed Parts for UGRacing

Here at Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we have supported University of Glasgow Racing (UGRacing) with parts needed for their UGR20 race car, used at the Formula Student Competition Event held at Silverstone Racetrack. Although the UGRacing team had well designed CAD files of the components they required, this was their first [...]

3D Printing – Half the Time, Double the Parts

“As a company primarily dealing in traditional machining techniques, producing Steel and Wear Resistant components for the downhole drilling industry, we are very much at the opposite end of the spectrum in regard to 3D Printing processes and materials! However, through a series of projects developing prototype electronically activated downhole [...]

Bespoke Vanity Panel created for Caterham Formula One Race Car

Here at Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we devise functional solutions for motorsport applications that work first time. Whether you need wind tunnel testing components or functional production parts in low volumes, our team of highly experienced engineers can help. Graphite Additive Manufacturing started with ex-Formula One people who wanted to make [...]

High performance reinforced SinterWorx materials chosen for the Land Speed World Record

Here at Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we have sponsored Bloodhound LSR’s project to design and build The World’s Fastest Car, supporting their goal to beat the land speed record. With their recent Prime Time documentary detailing a summer of testing in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, the Bloodhound team have [...]

Flying High – Bringing the Revolutionary VA-1X Flagship Aircraft to Life

Here at Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we have worked closely with Vertical Aerospace to bring their VA-1X Flagship Aircraft to life. Providing an unparalleled passenger experience, the VA-1X is designed to push the boundaries of travel, and is an all electric aircraft, able to carry up to five people (four passengers [...]

Underwater Engineering for the Deepest Parts of the Ocean

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we strive to devise the most innovative approaches for some of the most demanding and complex applications we come across. From the deepest oceans, to outer space, our specialist team of engineers get things made that work first time. We have engineered parts for submarines looking [...]

Our Partnership with Additive Manufacturing Technologies: The Future of Finishing

Here at Graphite Additive Manufacturing, our Professional 3d Printing Services are utilised across a range of industries, for many demanding applications. In everything we do, we have a desire to make a real difference across the industries we operate in; pushing boundaries by being innovative, providing expert advice and delivering [...]

Wattshop Bike Parts – Performance Enhancing and Beautifully Aesthetic

With sleek designs and impressive finishes, Wattshop products not only demonstrate being highly effective in improving speed, but prove to be beautifully aesthetic too.

Helping to keep you safe: Graphite AM’s COVID-19 Protection Tool

Since the Corona Virus outbreak started at the beginning of 2020, worldwide, people have been making significant changes to their everyday life. Even now; as lockdown eases, vigilance continues.

Case Study: Graphite AM & Eagle

Graphite Additive Manufacturing have been working alongside the ultimate team of craftsmen at Eagle to produce high-quality components for the beautiful E-Type Jaguars they professionally restore.

Graphite AM Synonymous with The formula Student Series

Since we started the bureau in 2012, we have been keen to support the designers and engineers of the future. Recognising the Formula Student (FS) series was the ideal vehicle to achieve this. Many of the engineers at Graphite AM have competed in FS themselves and we are now in [...]

Augmented Reality Bringing 3D Models to Life

The Advancements in Mixed Reality have created opportunities for 3D Printing Bureaus Augmented Reality (AR) saw its record growth in 2018 and this trend is set to continue. Revenue in 2019 is forecast to hit $75 billion. AR and Virtual Reality (VR) are set to change the way we live! [...]

Bloodhound are edging closer to the record!

Bloodhound LSR is a UK-based project aiming to break the world land speed record using the most advanced straight-line racing car ever built. Graphite AM is proud to be a significant part in this amazing project by building an array of parts large and small. “You have done an amazing [...]

Graphite AM Supports the Battle Bots World Championship 2019

Following in the footsteps or Mark Forged, Stratasys and Desktop Metals, Graphite AM were delighted to be approached by a number of teams entering this year’s 2019 Battle Bots World Championships.

Driving into a Greener World

Graphite Additive Manufacturing have recently collaborated with Nifco Ltd to design a prototype for a new engine bracket which could bring significant benefits to the running of a vehicle.

What is Stereolithography (SLA)?

Stereolithography or SLA is the veteran of 3D print technologies having been around since the late 1980’s. Despite its age it still continues to be one of the most widely-used rapid protoyping technologies for plastic models. It has been widely used in the medical and automotive industry due to the [...]

Graphite AM is Flying High

Graphite Additive Manufacturing were thrilled when Yuneec approached them to design a cost-effective bumper system for an UAV. The concept was for the UAV to allow untrained pilots the ability to survey machinery without the risk of damaging the machinery.

The Fast and the Furious

We at Graphite love all things fast and furious and are delighted to supply a number of the leading Moto GP, Moto 2 and Moto 3 teams with high-performance 3D printed parts. We have supported a wide range of teams building light-weight, functional parts. We were delighted to get a [...]

What is Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology is at the heart of a growing trend in mass custom manufacturing as well as functional prototyping. The right additive technologies, materials and finishes are transforming manufacturing. What is SLS?