Racing into the Future: Top 5 Benefits of Additive Manufacturing in Motorsport

In the fiercely competitive world of Motorsport, where victory and defeat are often a matter of milliseconds, top-performing teams are increasingly turning to 3D printing. This innovative technology, also known as Additive Manufacturing, is transforming the racing landscape. By enabling the creation of lighter, stronger, and more intricate components than [...]

Our Materials: The Sinterworx C6 Story – Kevin Lambourne, Managing Director

Imagine working in 3D Printing since 1995. The technologies were new and possibilities huge. That’s the position I found myself in completely by accident, moving from a company with traditional drawing boards to one that had CAD. I’ve been passionate in Additive Manufacturing hardware, software, materials and applications since then. [...]

Latécoère and Graphite produce 3D printed clips for the next generation of wing technologies

With the first assembly of the ‘Wing of Tomorrow’ prototype complete, Graphite Additive Manufacturing are thrilled to have worked with Latécoère to 3D print custom aircraft clips for the project. A leader in the field of Aerostructures and Interconnection systems, Latécoère is a Tier 1 partner of the program led [...]

They did it! UG Racing are Formula Student winners 2022.

Graphite are extremely proud to celebrate and recognise the future of engineering – our partner, University of Glasgow Racing (UG Racing) for their win at Formula Student UK 2022. They finished first place in both the dynamic events category and the competition overall, beating out teams

What you see is what you get – Kevin Lambourne, Managing Director

Engineers rely on technical data sheets to make informed decisions, by comparing different materials and selecting the best ones. If they are lucky, they have the resources and time to verify the figures by testing their own samples. Unfortunately, the majority just have to trust the published data. When I [...]

Get your parts Vapor Smoothed for less

We are pleased to say we have removed the set up fee for Vapor Smoothed parts. We are the first and only UK Bureau to offer Vapor Smoothing in house.Vapor Smoothing takes already high performance materials and gives them superior sealing for demanding applications. The process can be applied to a [...]

Secondary Part Finishes

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we offer further finishes on our parts to enhance the properties of our materials. This article will explain the secondary finishes and additional operations that we have to offer and how they are most effectively applied. In addition to our primary finishes, parts can be treated [...]

Improve Part Functionality with Threads and Inserts

Much the same as moulded components, a 3D printed part’s functionality can be improved through the inclusion of threads and metallic inserts. As manufactures utilising functional materials for structural and end use applications, we have listed below the different thread and insert types to assist your design process. Self-tapping screws [...]

Part Finishes (Primary)

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, our parts are offered with a variety of finishing options. Between our primary and secondary options, we have over 50 different combinations of finishing to provide you with the most suitable finish for your application. Primary finishing is the initial step that is done before parts [...]

Graphite Additive Manufacturing – Working towards a more sustainable future

This Earth Day, we at Graphite Additive Manufacturing would like to share some of the initiatives we are taking to work towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly future. We have continued to develop our packaging and are proud to say that in a few weeks it will all be 100% recyclable. [...]

Graphite Additive Manufacturing to provide 3D printed composite components to SailGP

Graphite Additive Manufacturing is pleased to announce a partnership with SailGP, joining the annual, global sports championship as Official 3D Printed Composite Components Supplier. The partnership will see us supply 640 vital components to the high-speed F50 catamarans for SailGP Season 2, starting April 2021. At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we [...]

How are 3D Printing prices calculated?

In traditional manufacturing, such as CNC machining, Metal stamping or Injection moulding, a large percentage of the price can be the initial set-up time and tooling cost. It is normal to have high prices for short production runs, with prices getting ever cheaper per unit, as the volumes increase. This [...]

Graphite Additive Manufacturing are the first bureau in the UK to offer PostPro3D Vapor Smoothing service

PostPro Chemical Vapor Smoothing is a physio-chemical surface smoothing process which allows for an injection moulded look and feel. The process can be used on a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers and can even smooth the complex internal cavities of polymer parts. Not only does the process improve a parts’ [...]

Graphite Additive Manufacturing Accuracy

As engineers, the accuracy that can be repeatably achieved with 3D Printing technologies has long been an obsession with us. At first glance, variability can seem daunting with no obvious reason and it’s all too easy to accept that’s just the way things are. Through a passion to always do [...]

Update: Bloodhound LSR Documentary: Due to air this summer on Channel 4

Those of you that have been following the progress of the Bloodhound Land Speed Record project, for which Graphite Additive Manufacturing have produced a wide range of parts, will be excited to know that a new one-hour documentary is in production and due to be aired on Channel 4 this [...]

Graphite Have Found The Star of Tomorrow in Kart Racing

Graphite Additive Manufacturing is delighted to be working alongside a very talented young man called Jenson Jowett from Monks Risborough, Buckinghamshire. Jenson is a ten-year-old kart-racing driver who also has autism. Having driven his first kart on the seafront in Hastings, Jenson quickly developed a love of karting. He has [...]

Augmented Reality Bringing 3D Models to Life

The Advancements in Mixed Reality have created opportunities for 3D Printing Bureaus Augmented Reality (AR) saw its record growth in 2018 and this trend is set to continue. Revenue in 2019 is forecast to hit $75 billion. AR and Virtual Reality (VR) are set to change the way we live! [...]

Graphite AM to attend Composites for Motorsport at Williams

Graphite AM will be attending the Composites for Motorsport at Williams on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd October. This 2-day conference provides an action-packed programme, spotlighting the current and future use of composite materials in Motorsport. The Motorsport industry has continuously been a primary adopter of innovative technology, motivated by [...]

We Are One Of The Best!

The Buckinghamshire Business Awards were held on Wednesday 9th October at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury. The awards are an opportunity for local businesses to show that they are leaders in their field who excel through hard work and entrepreneurial vision. Each winner and finalist embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship [...]


The SLS process uses a bed of powdered material, which is fused one layer at a time by a high power CO2 laser. SLS is used to build strong functional parts and can provide cost-effective solutions from prototype to production. The laser ‘draws’ a single layer cross-section of the required [...]

Graphite AM expand to meet Growing Demand for Production Parts

Since Graphite AM was founded in 2012, we have become synonymous with providing technical advice on the best use of Additive Manufacturing, from prototype to production.

Graphite AM Supports the Battle Bots World Championship 2019

Following in the footsteps or Mark Forged, Stratasys and Desktop Metals, Graphite AM were delighted to be approached by a number of teams entering this year’s 2019 Battle Bots World Championships.

Warning – High Voltage!

After much success providing production volumes of engine and gearbox parts to the powertrains industry, Graphite’s latest growth area coincides with the rise in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybridisation. As ever, design engineers are pushing the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry for even more capable materials to solve challenging problems. In [...]

Next-gen Printed Mandrels: F1-tech for Aero, Auto and Medical

Although not as frequent these days as it once was, F1 technology does still cascade down and out to wider industry. Graphite is now offering an exciting new development for the wider composite market. Obvious applications for aerospace include ducts, pipes and conduits, but high-end automotive intake pipes and fluid-holding [...]

How 3D printing is helping the Dark Arts of Composite Manufacture

Graphite Additive Manufacturing have long been synonymous with latest advances in 3D Printing. With our roots in Formula One, Graphite AM was established to provide engineering and design expertise to Formula One teams and the wider Motorsport community. As the Dark Arts of composite manufacture continues to evolve, Graphite AM [...]

Cinderella and the 3D Printed Adidas Trainer

Graphite AM were delighted to receive a call from DJ Fat Tony, who was organising a charity auction for the Albert Kennedy Trust, an LGBTQ+ Youth Homeless Charity. His star-studded supporters were asked to reimagine an Adidas Trainer that was to be auctioned off to raise money for this fabulous [...]

Graphite AM – Supporting the Next Generation of Designers and Engineers

We at Graphite AM and have been keen supporters of the Formula Student series establishing technical partnerships with a number of the leading teams. We have 3D printed performance parts such as plenums, intake systems, boost pipes and light-weight brackets, snap-fits and baffles.

The Sky’s The Limit! – 3D Printed Production Volumes for the UAV Market

Graphite Additive Manufacturing were delighted to team up with FT Technologies to help them develop a lightweight UAV and drone-specific ultrasonic wind sensor.

Graphite AM – The Fastest 3D Printed Parts in the world – One Day

We at Graphite AM have been delighted to be supporting the Bloodhound SSC project and have built an array of parts large and small.

Graphite AM – Graphite SLS with Anti-Static Properties

As 3D printed parts start to become considered for Production Parts as well as Rapid Prototyping, the demands on materials is ever increasing.

Graphite Invest To Help Meet Rising SLS Demand

Graphite Additive Manufacturing have established a great reputation for supplying light-weight 3D printed performance parts. To help cut growing lead times Graphite AM have invested in another impressive SLS printer that will be running their market-leading in-house developed SLS materials.

Are SLS Parts Porous?

The porosity of SLS parts has long been a concern for designers and engineers but not a problem for Graphite AM’s customers. With our Double-Dip Vacuum-Impregnation Sealing process which offers a ‘belt and braces’ approach for any parts that may be subject to high pressure differentials, high temperature fluid flows [...]

Vulcan UAV and Graphite Additive Manufacturing Enter Strategic Partnership

Vulcan UAV have established an enviable reputation for pushing the boundaries of design in UAV manufacture and are in discussions with Graphite Additive Manufacturing to reduce weight of key components, helping to further aid flight times and battery life.

Graphite Added Value

Here at Graphite Additive Manufacturing we are keen to offer our clients a full suite of engineering solutions as well as helping to design and build the best 3D printed parts in the UK.

Can’t Touch This!

It is now official, our Graphite and Carbon SLS materials have been tested to the edge of the galaxy exceeding outgassing test requirements for a satellite manufacturer company, as per ESA ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C and is credible for flight, to the bottom of the Atlantic passing complex tests for a submersible manufacturer.

Graphite AM Now Offering Precision CNC Machining Services

Graphite Additive Manufacturing is now offering precision CNC machining services. We can offer precision 5-axis CNC machining in a range of different materials. Almost any material can be used in a CNC machine.

Full size engine model – 3D Printed by Graphite

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing we have recently produced a 1:1 scale model of an entire car engine, including ancillaries, for one of our automotive clients. We needed to clean up the supplied 3D data to create buildable files and then hollowed the model to save on weight and cost.

Metal Plating Benefits

We are frequently asked how parts can made even stiffer or stronger. At Graphite, we can use a variety of techniques to give the desired outcome, but the one we will focus on here is metal plating. After the part has been sanded and prepared for the process, a thin [...]

Additive Manufactured Carbon Composite Tooling

Carbon Composite Tooling – Graphite Additive Manufacturing and URT Group, both product sponsors of the Bloodhound (World Land Speed Record) Project, have been working together, as part of a technical partnership, to link additive manufacturing (3D printing) techniques with composite manufacture to enhance the production processes already employed. 

Graphite & Noble Combine to Explore 3D Printed Concepts

Graphite Additive Manufacturing has formed a technical partnership with Noble Automotive to introduce its 3D printing into the automotive industry. Graphite has extensive experience of low volume race car production parts and Noble is currently a very high end, low volume road car manufacturer. This partnership is a chance for [...]

3D Printed Carbon Fibre Intercooler Ducts

When upgrading a Ford Focus ST, the original ducts were not compatible with the larger intercooler being fitted. Graphite Additive Manufacturing were selected to produce a pair of modified ducts in its Carbon Fibre reinforced SLS material. 

Graphite attend Automotive Lightweighting & Manufacturing Conference

Held at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, the Automotive Lightweighting & Manufacturing conference, held over two days in March, proved to be a successful event to encourage collaboration between automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers alike.

Graphite announced as Bloodhound SSC Product Sponsor

BLOODHOUND SSC is the world’s first 1000 mph car and it will begin its land speed record campaign in South Africa in the summer of 2017. Graphite Additive Manufacturing, a supplier of 3D printed parts produced in high performance materials for the most demanding applications in motor sport, has been [...]

Rapid injection moulding tools 3D printed for Toolcraft Plastics

Toolcraft Plastics (Swindon) Ltd is a long established, plastic product mould tool making, injection moulding and vacuum-forming firm. The company offers a complete design to production service, including design, printing and product assembly. Toolcraft – – came to 3D printing and rapid prototyping specialists Graphite Additive Manufacturing when they [...]

Graphite announce dedicated hardware for Carbon Fibre laser sintered parts

Graphite Additive Manufacturing are pleased to announce that their specialist 3D printed, carbon fibre reinforced plastic material, once the exclusive province of Formula One teams, is now available to all customers. Graphite, an experienced supplier of 3D printed parts and rapid prototypes, has announced it is in a unique position [...]

Iris recognition technology by IrisGuard – prototypes by Graphite

As a world leader in iris recognition technology, IrisGuard, based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, is driving the development of their latest security device EyePay® by utilizing working Stereolithography (SLA) prototypes, produced in a clear, ABS-like material which are then painted; the prototype parts are being produced for IrisGuard by Graphite [...]

3D printed remote control car developed by Graphite & Schumacher

Graphite Additive Manufacturing worked closely in association with Schumacher Racing Cars, a leading manufacturer of remote control vehicles and accessories, on a project to build a radio controlled car created almost entirely by 3D printing. Schumacher ( are a British manufacturer renowned worldwide for their original and innovative radio control [...]