3D printers work with computer aided designs (CAD) to make your ideas become a reality.

If you do not have CAD, that is not a problem, we have SolidWorks software in-house on which our engineers can create a 3D model from detailed sketches, 2D engineering drawings or scale pictures of the parts you wish to manufacture.

To build anything, our additive manufacturing machines require a 3D CAD file in STL file format. This is the preferred format but we have the ability to convert most common types of CAD file such as .iges, .stp and .obj to name a few. 

If you do have a design in 3D CAD format but are not quite happy with some features or are unsure how to effectively design for the additive manufacturing process, get in touch! Our engineers on the projects team would be happy to give their advice and tell you the do’s and don’ts or take on the 3D design work at any stage for you.

What is the price for our 3D CAD Services?

The CAD work we do is priced by the hour. The time it takes to complete a project depends on the existing format of your designs, as well as their complexity. CAD can often take from 5 to 25 hours to complete. Please get in touch for a quote.