Sail GP

Our exciting sponsorship with Sail GP will see Graphite Additive Manufacturing produced, innovative parts being used on some of the world’s most impressive sailing boats. Countries will race against one another across the globe, in front of an audience of 1.8 billion. Teams race F50 catamarans which exceed speeds of 50 knots. The 2019 season was won by Australia, helmed by Olympic champion Tom Slingsby and season 2 will commence in April 2021.

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Boy in a stationary race car on a racetrack
Boy in a race car on a race track
Boy in overalls with helmet at a racetrack
Boy in a parked race car on a race track

Jenson Jowett

We’re delighted to introduce you to the future of kart-racing, Jenson Jowett. In addition to raising awareness of autism, Jenson has also won numerous awards and is quickly on his way up! Jenson is fast becoming a name to watch in the karting world. Having won numerous accolades, he’s now been selected to represent the ‘Racing with Autism’ team, created by Team Brit.

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Loughborough Space

We are delighted to be sponsoring Loughborough Space, who are currently designing a hybrid rocket engine which will be built this year. We are working with the team to explore innovative designs, and offer our expertise to reduce the mass of the engine. We look forward to helping the Loughborough Space team produce quality parts to put them ahead of their game.

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Graphic showing 3D print build
Bloodhound drone in use

Bloodhound LSR

We at Graphite Additive Manufacturing are proud to have manufactured an array of parts for Bloodhound SLR. The UK-based project are looking to break the world land speed record using the most advanced straight-line racing car ever built.

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