At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we’re at the cutting edge of transforming the automotive industry. Our state-of-the-art 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies are opening new horizons in automotive manufacturing, offering unparalleled benefits to manufacturers and consumers.

Fast, precise, and beautiful.

Our 3D printing capabilities transform traditional automotive manufacturing by enabling the swift, cost-effective production of complex, custom parts without extensive tooling. This results in significantly reduced lead times. Our advanced techniques produce lighter, stronger parts, improving vehicle performance and fuel efficiency while minimising environmental impact. We offer designers unparalleled freedom and flexibility to meet changing market demands.

Specialising in SinterWorx G4 SLS material, we supply top manufacturers with high-quality, functional parts for bespoke applications and low-volume vehicles.

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Applications in the industry

By harnessing 3D printing technology, automotive manufacturers can push the boundaries of the industry. This innovation enables the creation of precise, durable components that excel under demanding conditions, transforming vehicle design and performance.


Oil baffles

Designed to minimise oil movement and ensure consistent lubrication, 3D-printed oil baffles are crucial for maintaining optimal engine performance and preventing wear under varied operating conditions.



Critical for channelling air, ducting supports everything from cooling vital components to enhancing passenger comfort by efficiently directing airflow.



Essential for vehicle structure, 3D printed brackets ensure stability and alignment of components, providing a dependable foundation for both performance and safety.


Manifold piping

Manifold and piping systems intricately designed to manage fluid dynamics efficiently, crucial for optimising engine output and power.


Interior trim

3D printed interior trim sets the tone of a vehicle’s cabin, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal to create a comfortable and attractive driving environment.


Vehicle light components

3D printing facilitates the design and production of customised wiring loom guides, ensuring precise cable organisation and protection for complex electronic systems.


 Exterior trim

Exterior trim plays a dual role, 3D printing allows for complex geometries and unique design styling cues.



Protective enclosures safeguard components, shielding against environmental and mechanical hazards to ensure continuous function and longevity of part functionality.


Sinterworx G4

Our SinterWorx G4 SLS material is ideal for functional automotive parts, meeting and exceeding PPAP requirements. We’re proud to supply several top automotive manufacturers with production parts for bespoke applications and low-volume vehicles, showcasing our commitment to quality and innovation.

Why did we create it?

We developed our SinterWorx G4 SLS material to address the demanding needs of the automotive industry. Our goal was to create a material ideal for functional automotive parts that are also aesthetically excellent, we aim to meet and exceed automotive manufacture expectations.


How can Sinterworx G4 elevate your projects?

Lightweight and strong, Sinterworx G4 is the perfect material for a dynamic range of applications. The material is the perfect showcase of how 3D printing can enhance vehicle design and performance.

Benefits of working with us

Partnering with Graphite provides access to cutting-edge 3D printing technologies and materials, ensuring precision and high performance in every project.

Our tailored solutions reduce production times and costs, whilst retaining consistency and accuracy.

We focus on innovation and quality, enabling businesses to streamline their processes from concept to reality efficiently and achieve outstanding results.


We pride ourselves on the fact that we consistently ship 99.45% of parts on time.


Our 3D Printing facility in the United Kingdom can build in part volumes of between 1 and 10,000 units.


We ensure quality by orienting each part for optimum surface quality and accuracy.



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