Beautifully engineered 3D printing

With an experienced team, state-of-the-art machines and class leading materials, we can support you with your functional prototypes and low volume 3D printing requirements.

Why choose Graphite

Experts in 3D printing

We help you implement additive manufacturing into your projects.

Speed, efficency and accuracy

We take pride in our swift turnaround times, with 90% of parts produced within just 3 days.

Specialised machines

We are proud to provide our clients with state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies.

Flexible production options

We are capable of  building parts  in volumes between 1 and 10,000.

Our unique service levels

Graphite Ultimate

Graphite Ultimate is ideal for the most demanding challenges, such as those in Formula One or yacht racing, where parts must perform at the highest levels and last under extreme conditions.

Graphite Lite

Graphite Lite is perfect for enthusiasts and those seeking cost-effective 3D printing solutions. It’s great for model building and producing small components with a focus on value.


Create precision parts and models

Combining expertise in engineering and 3D printing technologies to create precision parts and models.

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We build high-quality parts for a dynamic range of applications and industries.

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We are proud to collaborate with organisations across the globe to elevate their specialised projects. 

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80+ Years of combined team experience and are eager to advise and assist with your projects.


Unleash Your Potential with 3D Printing

Graphite Additive Manufacturing excels in delivering tailored 3D printing solutions across diverse industries, ensuring high quality, rapid production.

Whether optimising high-performance parts for motorsport, innovating in automotive manufacturing, or advancing marine applications, our industry-specific expertise empowers clients to push boundaries in design and functionality.


We orientate each part for optimum surface quality and accuracy as standard

We understand how crucial consistency is for our customers across the different sectors we operate in. Through attention to detail on every part orientation, regular machine calibration and thousands of measurement checks, our customers have confidence in the parts produced from our machines. We can then also finish or machine to higher tolerances when required.


High-performance 3D print materials

The mechanical data we publish for our materials is always from actual test results, as opposed to taken from the manufacturers’ data sheets. 

As well as using hand picked high-performance 3D print materials, we have also developed our own composites using graphite and carbon fibre.




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