Working closely with model makers, engineers and designers we build concept models with a range of materials and finishes.

We regularly build everything from complex architectural models to multi-part consumer products or individual mechanical parts. We have many different technologies and materials to accomodate the requirements of the model, be it aesthetic or functional.

Due to the quality, precision and complexity of the concept models we can produce, they are often used as part of the product development process. This allows designers to assess ergonomics and other form options, as well as to communicate ideas more effectively.

Although we can build larger models than most 3D print agencies in the UK, the 3D printing technology makes it simple for large designs to be rescaled. We can produce realistic models suitable for demonstrations, exhibitions and shop displays. Great for when the real item would be too large or too heavy to handle and transport easily.

What are the benefits of 3D printing a concept model?

Additive manufacturing is a great way to get parts, fast. We regularly have turn around times as fast as three days and have done parts, in the past, in under 24 hours! This can drastically reduce time spent in this stage of production which could otherwise be a long process, ultimately reducing the time to market for the product.

If you do have the time to spare, however, this can mean more time for design iterations and adjustments to make sure the design is exactly where you want it to be.

How much will a concept model cost?

The cost to build a concept model is generally determined by the size of the model, not its complexity. As an example, an iPhone sized model would cost around £30, whereas an iPad-sized part would be £240.