3D Printing Consultancy

Graphite specialises in working with clients to identify the best 3D printing technologies and tailored materials to produce precise, high-performance parts.

How can we help you?

Our engineers collaborate with other engineers, model makers, industrial designers and product designers across sectors to test concepts, improve designs, cut production costs and solve complex design challenges.

We are continually developing and fine tuning our production processes to improve what is possible in terms of quality, materials and turn-around times.

Solving specific design or production challenges

If you want to explore how 3D printing can solve a specific design or production challenge our consultancy team is highly qualified to help. As engineers with over 30 years’ combined experience, we understand both the traditional manufacturing and additive manufacturing processes.

We can advise you on how 3D printing can enhance the possibilities, quality and capabilities of your components, or make production more flexible and affordable.

Developing in-house additive manufacturing capabilities.

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we are committed to advancing the field of 3D printing through continuous research and development.

Our team creates comprehensive case studies and white papers that not only enhance our own understanding but also provide valuable insights to our customers.

We frequently collaborate with our clients to showcase particularly innovative or challenging projects. These case studies highlight our expertise, demonstrate the capabilities of additive manufacturing, and share practical knowledge with the wider industry. 

A wealth of experience.

Graphite’s Managing Director Kevin Lambourne has been working with these technologies since 1995 and has collaborated with hundreds of companies from different industries.

Having managed the UK’s largest rapid prototyping department in the late ’90s and spent seven years pushing the boundaries of these technologies with Red Bull Racing Formula One team, he has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the world of 3D printing which he has shared with our team at Graphite. Find out more about our team.


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Other services

Functional Prototypes

Building a functional prototype is crucial before mass production. 3D printing enables cost-effective design reviews and tweaks. It offers various materials to mimic end-use products, allowing full functionality testing of parts or complete designs.

3D printing excels in producing customized or limited-run parts and products. This digital manufacturing method eliminates the need for traditional tooling and setup, potentially reducing costs through added complexity or lower part count. We create strong, lightweight parts with high definition and built-in functionality, such as screw threads and sealing grooves, eliminating post-processing. The technology offers design flexibility for bespoke versions across various applications, enabling airtight or resistant parts.

To form complex mandrels for composite tooling, materials such as SR-30 (FDM) and DMX 100 (SLA) are starting to gain traction and, with the right knowledge and experience, these materials can perform wonders. SR-30 is a sacrificial mandrel and DMX is an extraction mandrel with some unique properties.


The cost to build a tool is generally determined by the size of the tool, not its complexity. As an example, an iPhone sized tool would cost around £30, whereas an iPad-sized tool would be £240.

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