Useful Online Ordering Information

All prices are for orders placed online and will differ from those quoted manually by our Sales team.

  • Being able to generate a quote and place an order online gives you much more freedom and is more efficient from our side, so we are able to pass that cost benefit on to you!
  • If you need any post processes (inserts, sanded surfaces etc.) then please contact the Sales team for a manual quotation.
  • Currently the system does not allow drawings to be uploaded, but please add any requirements in the notes section and we can try to accommodate your request.


Please check your parts before ordering. Although all files will be checked for buildability prior to manufacture, we will not be able to check the parts before the order is placed. To prevent any delays down the line, please check the files conform to the points below to ensure your order processes smoothly. If there are any issues with the designs we will be in touch.

  • Minimum feature size: 0.5mm for SLA 0.7mm for MJF and 0.8mm for SLS
  • Maximum part length is approximately 300mm for SLS/MJF and 600mm for SLA
  • Minimum Text Size: Arial Bold 14pt with height 0.3mm
  • All hollow cavities must have access to remove excess resin/powder
  • Surface finishes:
    • SLA standard finish is Basic – All resin washed off and supports removed. Cosmetic finish utilises our
    • Aqua-blasting to smoothen the surface.
    • SLS standard finish is Cosmetic – all parts have excess powder removed through bead blasting, there are no support structures to remove.