Graphite & Noble Combine to Explore 3D Printed Concepts

Graphite Additive Manufacturing has formed a technical partnership with Noble Automotive to introduce its 3D printing into the automotive industry. Graphite has extensive experience of low volume race car production parts and Noble is currently a very high end, low volume road car manufacturer. This partnership is a chance for both companies to share knowledge and learn from each other about their respective industries. 

This assembly is the centre console from the current Noble M600. It is a joint project with support from Noble to explore how useful 3D printing can be for early prototyping, trial assembly, trim/finish visualisation and the potential for production parts using this technology.

Some of the major challenges for such low volume automotive manufacturers are the costs and lead times associated with set-up tooling for vehicle components. 3D printing offers a cost effective solution for first offs and in some cases, production parts.


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