Graphite Invest To Help Meet Rising SLS Demand

Graphite Additive Manufacturing have established a great reputation for supplying light-weight 3D printed performance parts. To help cut growing lead times Graphite AM have invested in another impressive SLS printer that will be running their market-leading in-house developed SLS materials. Kevin Lambourne (MD, ex Red Bull and 3D Systems) said ‘This is a big day for Graphite AM and we delighted that our materials are becoming so popular. This new machine and increased capacity will allow us to manufacture more low-mid volume production parts as well as allowing us to increase our R&D’ SLS enables the production of multiple parts in a single build, Graphite have recently produced over 3000 parts in one Graphite SLS build. The new printer will be running Graphite and Carbon reinforced Nylons which produce light-weight and durable performance parts. Whether its baffles, brackets, water pipes, turbo systems, clips or ducts, valuable weight and time can be saved by using Additive Manufacturing. Technology once just used by a handful of F1 teams is now widely available and is starting to gain real traction in wide range of sectors. The advancements in SLS materials and post processing such as Ultraseal Impregnation, EMI shielding and Metal Plating are enabling Additive Manufacturing to be considered for a variety of applications. Graphite AM are excited about the future as the popularity of their materials go from strength to strength.


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