Graphite AM – The Fastest 3D Printed Parts in the world – One Day

We at Graphite AM have been delighted to be supporting the Bloodhound SSC project and have built an array of parts large and small. We were delighted that the recent tests in Newquay went so well and the media coverage generated was fantastic. We are a small cog in a very big wheel and are proud to be supporting the project. 2018 see the team attempting to break the 500mph mark with tests in South Africa scheduled for June before they attempt to break the 1000mph mark. Graphite AM have supplied the project with ultra-light-weight parts that are strong and durable. We have developed market-leading materials and can 3d print in Carbon fibre reinforced materials. ‘Even something as simple as a piece of ducting tells a fascinating story about the cutting-edge technology being used in BLOODHOUND. The complex air duct fittings have been made by selective laser sintering. This produces a tough, high-temperature-resistant component in almost any shape. Just what we need and, as this is very much next-generation technology’ said Andy Green. This technology has been brought to market by Graphite AM whose MD Kevin Lambourne has a huge amount experience working in F1. Carbon filled SLS is now starting to be adopted in several industries including aerospace, defence, marine, UAV’s and Automotive.


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