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We at Graphite AM and have been keen supporters of the Formula Student series establishing technical partnerships with a number of the leading teams. We have 3D printed performance parts such as plenums, intake systems, boost pipes and light-weight brackets, snap-fits and baffles. This year we have decided to support two teams – Team Bath and Racing Wolves from the University of Wolverhampton. We have built several parts for Team Bath over the years helping to support one of the most successful teams in the history of Formula Student. Selective laser sintering has allowed teams to build strong, functional light-weight parts. The speed of the SLS process means that a design can be modified and a new iteration be produced in a matter of days. This has allowed designers and engineers to test, fine-tune and modify designs on the fly. 2018 see Graphite Am continue to support Team Bath with a new partnership being established with The Racing Wolves (UWR). Jon Warbrick – Sales and Marketing Manager explains; ‘We were impressed with the UWR car last year and particularly the way the team had adopted Additive Manufacturing in the design and in particular the front wishbone. Having met some of the team at Advanced Engineering at the NEC and liked what we heard, we felt we could add real value to the team. Savvy engineers help to understand the capabilities and limitations of Am and where a competitive advantage can be gained’. Aside from their Formula Student exploits UWR compete in the Formula 3 series, the Hill Climb Championship and Morgan Classic Race series. With this broad offering Graphite AM see this as the ideal platform to continue their success and generate useful industry case studies to educate those that are new to the world of 3D Printing. Jon Warbrick adds, ‘With so many strict NDA’s signed with our F1 clients, its refreshing to sponsor Formula Student teams as there is a genuine thirst for knowledge and this series allows us to produce motorsport related press releases without compromising our clients. Our Carbon-fibre filled and Graphite filled SLS Nylons are the envy of the grid with those teams in the know understanding what benefits a flexible, durable. High- temperature resistant, light-weight material can offer. Get in touch to discuss our plans for 2018/19. From all the team at Graphite AM to all the designers and engineers involved this year with Formula Student, good luck, have a blast and keep on inspiring the next generation of engineers.


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