Graphite AM – Graphite SLS with Anti-Static Properties

As 3D printed parts start to become considered for Production Parts as well as Rapid Prototyping, the demands on materials is ever increasing. Our customers are demanding high temperature resistant materials that are light-weight, strong and durable. The Selective Laser Sintering or SLS process where a fine layer of powder is drawn and then sintered by a powerful laser produces parts that are built to last. Many 3D Printing Bureaus run standard or Glass filled Nylon materials such as PA11 and PA12. We at Graphite AM have developed some unique SLS blends. Graphite SLS By in-filling our Nylons with fine Graphite particles we improve mechanical properties, thermal resistance, impact resistance and our Graphite SLS parts display Anti-Static properties. This key feature is proving a deciding factor for many of our clients when choosing a partner and a material to work with. With an impressive tensile strength of 58Mpa and a thermal resistance of 170*C. In-filling with Graphite offers several advantages over Glass Filled Nylons not least weight reduction and surface finsh. Applications Include: Water Pipes, Baffles, Brackets, Ducts, Boost Pipes, Jigs, Plenums, Intake Systems, Composite Tooling, ECU Cases, PCB’s, Sporting Accessories. Industries: Motorsport, Automtive, Aerospace, Marine, Defence, Oil&Gas, UAV’s, Satelites and the Communication Industry.


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