Graphite AM expand to meet Growing Demand for Production Parts

Since Graphite AM was founded in 2012, we have become synonymous with providing technical advice on the best  use of Additive Manufacturing, from prototype to production. We have developed a number of light-weight SLS materials ideal for demanding applications, offering market leading mechanical properties. In the early days, so many of our parts would be destined to be used on race tracks, orders would come in at all times of day and night therefore incredibly fast turnaround times were paramount. We always had an aim to take our materials, technologies and ethos from prototype in to production, providing solutions for low to mid volume production runs in sectors like Automotive, Marine, Defence and Aerospace. To see that strategy come to fruition has been very rewarding.

With growing demand for functional parts we are continuing to invest in technologies and materials to support our customers’ growing needs. Whilst still offering fast lead times for urgently needed parts, we have invested in new machinery to help provide cost-effective solutions for low to mid volume production runs. With the introduction of our ‘Economy’ discount service, eligible for those jobs where we have more than 30 days to turn a project around, we are offering a 25% discount to help make Additive Manufacturing even more cost-effective for production runs.

To support the growing need for functional, end-use parts, we have expanded our Production facility and taken on a new Production Manager with a wealth of experience. We also have a new dedicated machine being installed later this month. Production jobs are supported with all the necessary Certificates of Conformity, MSDS, PPAP, Inspection Reports, REACH and COSH compliance etc. Additional services such as sealing, RF shielding and basic engineering functions such as fitting inserts, sanding O-ring grooves, tapping threads, bonding and supplying completed assemblies, can all part of the service.

To find out how Graphite AM can help with your next project and discover how Additive Manufacturing can offer cost-effective solutions for production, please contact us with any RFQs.


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