Partnering with UGRacing for a Second Season | Graphite Additive Manufacturing

Here at Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we are pleased to be partnering with UGRacing for a second season.

Last year, we worked with UGRacing on a range of parts for their UGR20 race car. Parts required by the team included handles for the car’s steering wheel, shifting housing and flappy paddles. These were all built in our MJF PA12 material with a Vapor Smoothed secondary finish to improve the look, feel and functionality of the parts. Find out more about our previous work with UGRacing, here.

This year, one of the key focusses for UGRacing is the development of the Intake System for their Combustion Car. We have worked closely with the team to assist in the development of the design and recommend the best material and finishing combinations for the part.

As recommended by us, the part is being built in our in-house developed SinterWorx G4 material and is being Vapor Smoothed for a 100% sealed finish. In the video, Barnaby, UGRacing’s Intake Designer, talks us through the first steps of designing the Intake System.

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