Graphite Makes a Worldwide Debut on the Fashion Catwalk

Graphite Additive Manufacturing made a real impact in the fashion world with their production of “body pieces” and “head visors” for Hong Kong born, British-based designer Kay Kwok.

Kay initially approached Graphite after seeing the wide range of materials and applications on the company website, to seek help and advice in building the two large “body pieces” which he had envisioned for his latest menswear collection, to be debuted at London’s Victoria House. 

Sensing the potential in the project, Graphite’s Managing Director, Kevin Lambourne agreed to a sponsorship arrangement, with the company producing both the body pieces and also a range of “visors” some incorporating brims and some without, to augment Kay’s other designs. The visor components were 3D printed using Stereolithography (SLA) in Graphite’s transparent ABS-like material and then painted or tinted as appropriate for their usage. The large body pieces were each finished in a different “chameleon” type, colour-changing paint.

These high gloss designs of Kay’s really caught the attention of journalists & photographers, leading to pictures and videos of Graphite’s products appearing in press and internet reports all across the globe.