Graphite Additive Manufacturing – Working towards a more sustainable future

This Earth Day, we at Graphite Additive Manufacturing would like to share some of the initiatives we are taking to work towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly future.

We have continued to develop our packaging and are proud to say that in a few weeks it will all be 100% recyclable. As well as using recyclable boxes for orders, we already use biodegradable packing beads, recyclable packing tape, and we will soon be replacing bubble wrap with a brown paper substitute. Where possible, we reuse shredded paper from our offices and recycle any other paper and general office waste. We continue to look into the most effective, sustainable packaging options to keep working towards reducing our impact on the environment.

Our offices and workshops have run off of 100% green energy since 2019 and we have invested in 2 EV charging points on site for staff and visitors, to encourage and welcome the use of electric vehicles.

We are proud to be a partner of SailGP – the first climate positive sports and entertainment property – making more impact than the league’s footprint since day one. SailGP is committed to accelerating the global adoption of clean energy. SailGP invest in clean energy technology and collaborate and facilitate advances in clean tech innovations both on-water and on-shore.

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, our mission for the future is to be able to reuse any material wastage without compromising on part quality and consistency. This is something we have been researching and developing in the last couple of years, and hope to find a solution to this in order to recycle materials in every area of our business.

Earth Day is a chance to reflect on how we can change and adapt to drive meaningful action across issues such as climate change, plastic pollution, conservation and more. To find out more, visit:


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