Graphite Additive Manufacturing are the first bureau in the UK to offer PostPro3D Vapor Smoothing service

PostPro Chemical Vapor Smoothing is a physio-chemical surface smoothing process which allows for an injection moulded look and feel. The process can be used on a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers and can even smooth the complex internal cavities of polymer parts.

Not only does the process improve a parts’ overall performance, but it seals the surface, eliminating any potential liquid or gas intake. Vapor Smoothing can also enhance the overall colour consistency and hue of coloured parts. These properties make it ideal for demanding Automotive and Motorsport applications.

Our very own SinterWorx materials, G4 and C6, which are exclusive to us here at Graphite Additive Manufacturing, are PostPro approved and we are proud to be listed as a PostPro Partner.

This new technology reduces lead times compared to existing, manual post-processing methods. It is designed to increase productivity and create a safe and sustainable production line, resulting in high output levels. By reducing lead times, cutting the costs of manufacturer as well as operational and maintenance costs, PostPro Vapor Smoothing provides the ‘missing piece’ in the digital manufacturing chain.

Existing manual methods can absorb 60% of the costs of a 3d Printed Part, and still not provide the same performance benefits. As well as this, the PostPro technology can be highly controlled, allowing for reproducible results which do not cause degradation of a parts’ mechanical properties. Extensive testing of the technology has proven that vapor smoothed parts demonstrate no loss in Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) with an increase in Elongation at Break (EAB).

Before Vapor Smoothing (left) and after (right)

We are proud to have the PostPro machine up and running in house and regularly smoothing parts. Our team of experienced engineers are fully trained in the process and we have seen excellent results thanks to the technology.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the performance of components we deliver to our clients. Vapor smoothing adds to our suite of finishing options, specifically tailored to motorsport and automotive applications. This is a very complementary technology for us, and fits in perfectly with our business.”   Kevin Lambourne – Managing Director

If you are interested in Vapor Smoothing for your parts, or would like to request a sample, please get in touch today. 


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