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Here at Graphite Additive Manufacturing we are keen to offer our clients a full suite of engineering solutions as well as helping to design and build the best 3D printed parts in the UK.

The 3D printing industry has moved on from simple visual prototypes and Graphite is leading the way with fully functional parts with significant complexity. Our Graphite-filled SLS and Carbon-filled SLS materials have proved extremely popular with the automotive, motorsport, UAV and electronics industries providing low to medium volumes of production parts and fully functional R&D parts. Regular applications include:

  • Oil and water outlets and pipes
  • Body interior/exterior parts and panels
  • Electronics enclosures
  • UAV components
  • Cover panels and fitting clips

For some of our smaller customers, our 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) services have proved invaluable to take simple ideas and sketches and turn them into functional prototypes. Some of our larger customers have significant in-house design resources but work closely with us to better understand the Additive Manufacturing process to ensure their designs work first time. Choosing the right partner can save considerable time and money.

As customer needs become ever more challenging, the parts we produce at Graphite are also requiring extra features and complexities. Some of the more common requirements include integral threads (built-in/tapped/metallic captive inserts), part sealing for improved chemical resistance and/or fluid control and even EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) protective coatings.

The featured parts are an electronics enclosure for a control unit. This customer project started life as a simple idea with a test circuit board. Graphite produced the full 3D design from scratch using our 3D CAD and mechanical engineering expertise to meet the customer requirements whilst optimising the benefits of additive manufacturing. The internal surfaces of the parts have been coated with our EMI protective coating to shield the enclosed electrical components from interference.

If you have a project that requires a little more than just ‘pressing print’ speak to Graphite and make use of our added-value and engineering services:

  • 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and full engineering service
  • General design and engineering support for additive manufacture
  • Threaded holes and fastening options
  • Part sealing for improved chemical resistance and/or fluid control
  • EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) military-grade protective coatings for earthing and EMI shielding

To speak to the experts about your next project please contact us.


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