Full size engine model – 3D Printed by Graphite

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing we have recently produced a 1:1 scale model of an entire car engine, including ancillaries, for one of our automotive clients. We needed to clean up the supplied 3D data to create buildable files and then hollowed the model to save on weight and cost. Due to the required model being larger than our machine’s build volume, we carefully split the CAD files for the engine on natural join lines, allowing us to produce the model in sections, that once assembled post-building, would make the joins invisible. The final assembly of component parts went smoothly and all sections fitted together without any additional fettling required. Graphite-SLS material was chosen for this build because of its excellent surface finish and colour, so no additional painting was required. The finished model was used on the client’s exhibition stand, in conjunction with a virtual reality “projection”. This system allowed customers to see different fluid flows and engine performance characteristics in situ on the engine model, via tablet computers integrated into the display. Customer feedback on the completed model was: “Awesome!”

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