Part Finishes (Primary)

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, our parts are offered with a variety of finishing options. Between our primary and secondary options, we have over 50 different combinations of finishing to provide you with the most suitable finish for your application.

How are 3D Printing prices calculated?

In traditional manufacturing, such as CNC machining, Metal stamping or Injection moulding, a large percentage of the price can be the initial set-up time and tooling cost. It is normal to have high prices for short production runs, with prices getting ever cheaper per unit, as the volumes increase.

Graphite Additive Manufacturing Accuracy

As engineers, the accuracy that can be repeatably achieved with 3D Printing technologies has long been an obsession with us. At first glance, variability can seem daunting with no obvious reason and it’s all too easy to accept that’s just the way things are.


The SLS process uses a bed of powdered material, which is fused one layer at a time by a high power CO2 laser. SLS is used to build strong functional parts and can provide cost-effective solutions from prototype to production. The laser ‘draws’ a single layer cross-section of the required part on the surface of the powder bed, accurately creating the part layer and joining it to the layer below.

Graphite Invest To Help Meet Rising SLS Demand

Graphite Additive Manufacturing have established a great reputation for supplying light-weight 3D printed performance parts. To help cut growing lead times Graphite AM have invested in another impressive SLS printer that will be running their market-leading in-house developed SLS materials.

Are SLS Parts Porous?

The porosity of SLS parts has long been a concern for designers and engineers but not a problem for Graphite AM’s customers. With our Double-Dip Vacuum-Impregnation Sealing process which offers a ‘belt and braces’ approach for any parts that may be subject to high pressure differentials, high temperature fluid flows or extreme environmental factors. In the […]