Get your parts Vapor Smoothed for less

We are pleased to say we have removed the set up fee for Vapor Smoothed parts.

We are the first and only UK Bureau to offer Vapor Smoothing in house.
Vapor Smoothing takes already high performance materials and gives them superior sealing for demanding applications.

Secondary Part Finishes

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we offer further finishes on our parts to enhance the properties of our materials. This article will explain the secondary finishes and additional operations that we have to offer and how they are most effectively applied.

Part Finishes (Primary)

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, our parts are offered with a variety of finishing options. Between our primary and secondary options, we have over 50 different combinations of finishing to provide you with the most suitable finish for your application.

Metal Plating Benefits

We are frequently asked how parts can made even stiffer or stronger. At Graphite, we can use a variety of techniques to give the desired outcome, but the one we will focus on here is metal plating. After the part has been sanded and prepared for the process, a thin layer of copper and then […]

Additive Manufactured Carbon Composite Tooling

Carbon Composite Tooling – Graphite Additive Manufacturing and URT Group, both product sponsors of the Bloodhound (World Land Speed Record) Project, have been working together, as part of a technical partnership, to link additive manufacturing (3D printing) techniques with composite manufacture to enhance the production processes already employed. 

Graphite announce dedicated hardware for Carbon Fibre laser sintered parts

Graphite Additive Manufacturing are pleased to announce that their specialist 3D printed, carbon fibre reinforced plastic material, once the exclusive province of Formula One teams, is now available to all customers. Graphite, an experienced supplier of 3D printed parts and rapid prototypes, has announced it is in a unique position to provide its customers with […]