What you see is what you get – Kevin Lambourne, Managing Director

Engineers rely on technical data sheets to make informed decisions, by comparing different materials and selecting the best ones. If they are lucky, they have the resources and time to verify the figures by testing their own samples. Unfortunately, the majority just have to trust the published data.

Improve Part Functionality with Threads and Inserts

Much the same as moulded components, a 3D printed part’s functionality can be improved through the inclusion of threads and metallic inserts. As manufactures utilising functional materials for structural and end use applications, we have listed below the different thread and insert types to assist your design process.

Graphite Additive Manufacturing Accuracy

As engineers, the accuracy that can be repeatably achieved with 3D Printing technologies has long been an obsession with us. At first glance, variability can seem daunting with no obvious reason and it’s all too easy to accept that’s just the way things are.

Graphite AM to attend Composites for Motorsport at Williams

Graphite AM will be attending the Composites for Motorsport at Williams on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd October. This 2-day conference provides an action-packed programme, spotlighting the current and future use of composite materials in Motorsport.

Warning – High Voltage!

After much success providing production volumes of engine and gearbox parts to the powertrains industry, Graphite’s latest growth area coincides with the rise in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybridisation.