Racing into the Future: Top 5 Benefits of Additive Manufacturing in Motorsport

In the fiercely competitive world of Motorsport, where victory and defeat are often a matter [...]

Our Materials: The Sinterworx C6 Story – Kevin Lambourne, Managing Director

Imagine working in 3D Printing since 1995. The technologies were new and possibilities huge. That’s [...]

Latécoère and Graphite produce 3D printed clips for the next generation of wing technologies

With the first assembly of the ‘Wing of Tomorrow’ prototype complete, Graphite Additive Manufacturing are [...]

They did it! UG Racing are Formula Student winners 2022.

Graphite are extremely proud to celebrate and recognise the future of engineering – our partner, [...]

What you see is what you get – Kevin Lambourne, Managing Director

Engineers rely on technical data sheets to make informed decisions, by comparing different materials and [...]

Get your parts Vapor Smoothed for less

We are pleased to say we have removed the set up fee for Vapor Smoothed [...]

Secondary Part Finishes

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we offer further finishes on our parts to enhance the properties [...]

Improve Part Functionality with Threads and Inserts

Much the same as moulded components, a 3D printed part’s functionality can be improved through [...]

Part Finishes (Primary)

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, our parts are offered with a variety of finishing options. Between [...]

Graphite Additive Manufacturing – Working towards a more sustainable future

This Earth Day, we at Graphite Additive Manufacturing would like to share some of the [...]

Graphite Additive Manufacturing to provide 3D printed composite components to SailGP

Graphite Additive Manufacturing is pleased to announce a partnership with SailGP, joining the annual, global [...]

How are 3D Printing prices calculated?

In traditional manufacturing, such as CNC machining, Metal stamping or Injection moulding, a large percentage [...]

Graphite Additive Manufacturing are the first bureau in the UK to offer PostPro3D Vapor Smoothing service

PostPro Chemical Vapor Smoothing is a physio-chemical surface smoothing process which allows for an injection [...]

Graphite Additive Manufacturing Accuracy

As engineers, the accuracy that can be repeatably achieved with 3D Printing technologies has long [...]

Update: Bloodhound LSR Documentary: Due to air this summer on Channel 4

Those of you that have been following the progress of the Bloodhound Land Speed Record [...]

Graphite Have Found The Star of Tomorrow in Kart Racing

Graphite Additive Manufacturing is delighted to be working alongside a very talented young man called [...]

Augmented Reality Bringing 3D Models to Life

The Advancements in Mixed Reality have created opportunities for 3D Printing Bureaus Augmented Reality (AR) [...]

Graphite AM to attend Composites for Motorsport at Williams

Graphite AM will be attending the Composites for Motorsport at Williams on Tuesday 22nd and [...]

We Are One Of The Best!

The Buckinghamshire Business Awards were held on Wednesday 9th October at the Waterside Theatre in [...]


The SLS process uses a bed of powdered material, which is fused one layer at [...]

Graphite AM expand to meet Growing Demand for Production Parts

Since Graphite AM was founded in 2012, we have become synonymous with providing technical advice [...]

Graphite AM Supports the Battle Bots World Championship 2019

Following in the footsteps or Mark Forged, Stratasys and Desktop Metals, Graphite AM were delighted [...]

Warning – High Voltage!

After much success providing production volumes of engine and gearbox parts to the powertrains industry, [...]

Next-gen Printed Mandrels: F1-tech for Aero, Auto and Medical

Although not as frequent these days as it once was, F1 technology does still cascade [...]

How 3D printing is helping the Dark Arts of Composite Manufacture

Graphite Additive Manufacturing have long been synonymous with latest advances in 3D Printing. With our [...]

Cinderella and the 3D Printed Adidas Trainer

Graphite AM were delighted to receive a call from DJ Fat Tony, who was organising [...]

Graphite AM – Supporting the Next Generation of Designers and Engineers

We at Graphite AM and have been keen supporters of the Formula Student series [...]

The Sky’s The Limit! – 3D Printed Production Volumes for the UAV Market

Graphite Additive Manufacturing were delighted to team up with FT Technologies to help them develop [...]

Graphite AM – The Fastest 3D Printed Parts in the world – One Day

We at Graphite AM have been delighted to be supporting the Bloodhound SSC project and [...]

Graphite AM – Graphite SLS with Anti-Static Properties

As 3D printed parts start to become considered for Production Parts as well as Rapid [...]

Graphite Invest To Help Meet Rising SLS Demand

Graphite Additive Manufacturing have established a great reputation for supplying light-weight 3D printed performance parts. [...]

Are SLS Parts Porous?

The porosity of SLS parts has long been a concern for designers and engineers but [...]

Vulcan UAV and Graphite Additive Manufacturing Enter Strategic Partnership

Vulcan UAV have established an enviable reputation for pushing the boundaries of design in UAV [...]

Graphite Added Value

Here at Graphite Additive Manufacturing we are keen to offer our clients a full suite [...]

Can’t Touch This!

It is now official, our Graphite and Carbon SLS materials have been tested to the [...]

Graphite AM Now Offering Precision CNC Machining Services

Graphite Additive Manufacturing is now offering precision CNC machining services. We can offer precision 5-axis [...]

Full size engine model – 3D Printed by Graphite

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing we have recently produced a 1:1 scale model of an entire [...]

Metal Plating Benefits

We are frequently asked how parts can made even stiffer or stronger. At Graphite, we [...]

Additive Manufactured Carbon Composite Tooling

Carbon Composite Tooling – Graphite Additive Manufacturing and URT Group, both product sponsors of the [...]

Graphite & Noble Combine to Explore 3D Printed Concepts

Graphite Additive Manufacturing has formed a technical partnership with Noble Automotive to introduce its 3D [...]

3D Printed Carbon Fibre Intercooler Ducts

When upgrading a Ford Focus ST, the original ducts were not compatible with the larger [...]

Graphite attend Automotive Lightweighting & Manufacturing Conference

Held at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, the Automotive Lightweighting & Manufacturing conference, held over [...]

Graphite announced as Bloodhound SSC Product Sponsor

BLOODHOUND SSC is the world’s first 1000 mph car and it will begin its land [...]

Rapid injection moulding tools 3D printed for Toolcraft Plastics

Toolcraft Plastics (Swindon) Ltd is a long established, plastic product mould tool making, injection moulding [...]

Graphite announce dedicated hardware for Carbon Fibre laser sintered parts

Graphite Additive Manufacturing are pleased to announce that their specialist 3D printed, carbon fibre reinforced [...]

Iris recognition technology by IrisGuard – prototypes by Graphite

As a world leader in iris recognition technology, IrisGuard, based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, is [...]

3D printed remote control car developed by Graphite & Schumacher

Graphite Additive Manufacturing worked closely in association with Schumacher Racing Cars, a leading manufacturer of [...]