Wattshop Bike Parts – Performance Enhancing and Beautifully Aesthetic

Wattshop, a high-performance cycling boutique, was launched back in 2016 by keen, professional cyclist, Dan Bigham. Initially, Wattshop focussed on aerodynamic testing, high-performance chains, and other watt saving solutions. They have since branched out into even more products to provide the fastest cycling equipment possible to their keen cyclist customers across the globe.

With sleek designs and impressive finishes, Wattshop products not only demonstrate being highly effective in improving speed, but prove to be beautifully aesthetic too.

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Here at Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we frequently work with Wattshop to produce high tensile functioning components for their bespoke performance parts. We develop Wattshop parts in our in-house developed carbon fibre reinforced SLS nylon – one of the strongest polymers on the market.

In recent months, we have been working with Wattshop on a very exciting new product for their range – the Anemoi Aero Extension System. Three years of aero extension development has gone into designing the Anemoi Aero Extension. The complete system weighs in at just 696g and its main objective is to reduce boundary layer separation, turbulence and aero drag between extension and forearm.

Our specialised carbon fibre material is perfect for functional components that need to be light as well as strong, as required in this instance. It proves to be lighter than comparable glass-filled nylon materials. Its key properties are that it is tough whilst having a great surface finish. We at Graphite Additive Manufacturing are the only 3D printing bureau in the UK that offers this material. It is available in a range of finishes – cosmetic, sanded and sealed. Find out more about our materials here.

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Having dealt with Wattshop for a number of years, we are always excited to work with them on their advanced projects to get their customers moving faster. Alexei Bruton, Manager and Programmer here at Graphite Additive Manufacturing says, “It’s always exciting to work with Grant and the team at Wattshop on their various interesting projects. These parts have come out looking great and we can’t wait to work on more projects with Wattshop in the near future”

We can’t wait for Wattshop’s customers to see the newly released parts and to get to work on more exciting projects with the team at Wattshop. Go and check out Wattshop’s range of performance enhancing cyclist equipment here.

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