Underwater Engineering for the Deepest Parts of the Ocean

At Graphite Additive Manufacturing, we strive to devise the most innovative approaches for some of the most demanding and complex applications we come across. From the deepest oceans, to outer space, our specialist team of engineers get things made that work first time.

We have engineered parts for submarines looking to reach some of the deepest parts of the ocean. These parts have enabled scientific exploration and have also provided panoramic views of the underwater world, allowing scientists to connect with some of the least discovered areas of the ocean.

We have been working with Triton to produce parts used to mount a 3d imaging sonar to the top of the Triton 3300/3 MK11 Special Edition Submersible. It will be used by the OceanX team for scientific purposes, exploration and filming.

Parts printed on our 3D MJF machine are absolutely perfect for applications on low volume, high value products like the Triton Submersible. The relatively low density of the PA12 material is perfect on a submersible, where weight is extremely critical.

Our bespoke finish which gives it a naturally dark colour, looks sleek and impressive compared to other 3d Printing technologies.  The MJF printing process has proven successful at depths down to 1,000m, demonstrating that it produces parts that are 100% dense and do not crack or perish under pressure.

Our team at Graphite Additive Manufacturing are able to offer expert advice on how to engineer such complex shapes, adding refinement and detail to applications. The opens up a new world of possibilities for low volume production.

A member of the team at Triton commented, “Using printed parts on our vehicles, with the ability to produce variants, replacements and new components in a matter of days allows us to maintain a beautiful finish to the vehicles without creating delays to critical projects”

We have thoroughly enjoyed working on this exciting project with the team at Triton, and hope to be involved in many more projects involving underwater engineering.

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