Helping to keep you safe: Graphite AM’s COVID-19 Protection Tool

Since the Corona Virus outbreak started at the beginning of 2020, worldwide, people have been making significant changes to their everyday life. Even now; as lockdown eases, vigilance continues.

The worldwide pandemic has made the public all too familiar with taking precautions to keep themselves and others safe from the spread of germs. Scientific advice surrounding this has remained robust from the start – limit contact with others, stay 2 meters apart and frequently wash hands to stop the spread of Corona Virus.

Here at Graphite AM, we felt that there was something we could do to contribute towards the effort in keeping the public safe, as people begin to return to work and some form of normality.

Our very own Alexei Bruton, Manager and Programmer, began to develop our state of the art COVID-19 Protection Tool, to minimise the contact required when using door handles, key pads and buttons. Alongside our Managing Director, Kevin Lambourne, Alexei designed the tool with many features that will be sure to reduce the need to physically touch door handles – something that previously, people wouldn’t have thought twice about.

Kevin explains, “There are quite a few things that need to be done to get to back to work, but to do it in a safe way. 

This will allow people to have their own personal tool to open up doors and operate switches without actually touching the surfaces”.

Key features of the tool include:

– Button pushers to assist in using keypads or coded locks

– A handy hook to help with opening door handles

– Texture grip and finger opening for quick and easy use

– Keyring element for clipping onto keys and lanyards

In an effort to help during this difficult time, we have offered the FDM version of the file for free download, so that individuals and organisations with their own 3D Printing Software can print the tool themselves.

Download here.

Alternatively, if you do not have your own 3D Printing Facility, we are partnering up with 3d Print Direct, to produce the tools at a heavily discounted rate.

In order to obtain the very best price, follow the instructions on site: download the MJF file to your computer, upload the file to the 3d Print Direct quick order system, select the material: PA12 (MJF) and choose a 6-week lead time.

3D Print Direct will aim to ship your order in 7-10 days.

Whether you’d like to order enough tools for your whole organisation, or just one or two for personal use, you can order here.

Here at Graphite AM, we sincerely hope that these handy tools will help organisations and the general public stay safe during this difficult time. Using your tool alongside following government guidance will allow you to stay as safe as possible, whether you’re returning to work or out and about as lockdown continues to ease.

We are very pleased that Mix 96 chose to cover our COVID-19 Protection Tool as a story, on both their website and news bites.

Read their article here.

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