Graphite AM Supports the Battle Bots World Championship 2019

Following in the footsteps or Mark Forged, Stratasys and Desktop Metals, Graphite AM were delighted to be approached by a number of teams entering this year’s 2019 Battle Bots World Championships.

Graphite AM have developed a Carbon Fibre filled Nylon SLS material offering the best stiffness to weight of any SLS nylon is the world. ‘Whilst we usually supply F1 and Motorsport teams, our materials have been identified by the bright minds at Battle Bots as ideal for light-weight, durable, functional parts. Its little wonder our Carbon SLS has become the material of choice for several teams in Battle Bots, in terms of mechanical properties, there really isn’t any other SLS Nylon like it’, said Business Development Manager, Jonathan Warbrick.

Having supplied parts for a number of teams in the UK’s Robot Wars series, Graphite AM see the Battle Bots series as a great test for their materials and an ideal vehicle to increase awareness of how stiff and strong 3D Printed Parts can be. The series has had a long affiliation with Additive Manufacturing and several teams have become mobile, destructive showrooms for the use of 3D Printing. This year Mark Forged made their technology available to several teams helping them to produce spare parts cost-effectively; James Cooper, captain of the Quantum team, said, “Creating Quantum was a very ambitious project.

To make it happen it was imperative to design super lightweight parts while maintaining high strength in the critical areas. The Markforged Mark Two 3D printer helped make Quantum possible by replacing machined aluminium parts for continuous fibre printed parts. The reliability of the end prints also gave us peace of mind when working to impossible time restrictions”

Desktop Metals have also been associated with the series sponsoring teams helping to reduce costs and lead times for critical metal printed parts. Parts that used to be machined are now being printed helping to keep Battle Bots in the arena.

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