Graphite AM Synonymous with The formula Student Series

Since we started the bureau in 2012, we have been keen to support the designers and engineers of the future. Recognising the Formula Student (FS) series was the ideal vehicle to achieve this. Many of the engineers at Graphite AM have competed in FS themselves and we are now in a position to give something back to this ground breaking racing series.

We have been keen part-sponsors of several teams supplying light-weight 3D printed parts and offering design and technical help on the best use of Additive Manufacturing.

With an ever increasing drive towards reducing weight and improving performance, Additive Manufactured and Composite parts are becoming increasingly common on Formula Student Cars. With the ability to 3D-print moulds, mandrels and end-use components, the Formula Student series has provided the ideal platform for us to educate a wider market about what is now achievable with Additive Manufacturing.

From complex composite parts requiring internal tooling, to steering wheels, gurneys, brackets, baffles and plenums, we have 3D-printed several different parts for a range of teams. Long may this continue. We have established long-term relationships with talented teams and students, many of whom have gone on to join F1 teams and the great and good of British industry.

The talent in many of the teams cannot be underestimated. With teams competing from around the world, the competition is fierce but friendly. The fastest ever 0-60mph time for a naturally aspirated engine was recorded by an FS car from the Academic Motorsport Club (AMZ) Zurich recording a time of 1.513 seconds. That is faster than any production road car, including Tesla and the Porsche Hypercar, illustrating the engineering excellence within the team.

Many of the challenges designers and engineers face on the track and road to reduce weight and improve performance are magnified in the FS cars. Teams are like mini F1 teams with smaller budgets and they need to squeeze every ounce of performance from the car on relatively limited budgets.

We have been delighted to support several teams this season and would like to thank them all for their efforts. Supporting the designers and engineers of the future is what we at Graphite AM do best.

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