Driving into a Greener World

Graphite Additive Manufacturing have recently collaborated with Nifco Ltd to design a prototype for a new engine bracket which could bring significant benefits to the running of a vehicle.

Nifco Ltd manufactures parts used in the engines, interiors and exteriors of cars produced by Ford, General Motors, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Renault, Toyota and Vauxhall Opel. The bracket has been traditionally made using aluminium but through the work of Nifco’s research and development team and the prototype created by Graphite AM, this can now be made in reinforced Nylon SLS offering a significant weight saving leading to reduced CO2 emissions and increased fuel efficiency.

Graphite AM was the perfect partner for this project using its Selective Laser Sintering. SLS is a technology used to create tough parts with high temperature resistance allowing for complex designs with extreme detail.

Speaking of the collaboration, Neil Furber, Technical Sales Engineer at Graphite Additive Manufacturing, added,

“We were delighted to support this project. This is one of the most demanding applications for our in-house developed Graphite SLS material to date and demonstrates that it can be a fully-structural material rather than only semi-structural or very simple prototypes.”

By creating a prototype quickly, this has allowed the manufacturing team to produce the perfect light weight bracket resulting in a more cost effective solution reducing production time and it can easily be scaled up for mass market.

With the drive within the Automotive sector towards electric and hybrid powertrains, saving weight on key components has never been more important. Nifco with Graphite AM’s assistance, have taken a huge step forward with the world’s first light weight 3D Printed Engine Mount.

With more announcements from Graphite AM and the R&D team at Nifco expected within the coming months, this strategic partnership is set to continue to break new ground.

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