Can’t Touch This!

It is now official, our Graphite and Carbon SLS materials have been tested to the edge of the galaxy exceeding outgassing test requirements for a satellite manufacturer company, as per ESA ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C and is credible for flight, to the bottom of the Atlantic passing complex tests for a submersible manufacturer. But our parts have never had to withstand temperatures of -200*C until now. After extensive testing by exposing our Carbon and Graphite SLS engineered parts ten times for thirty seconds in liquid nitrogen, our parts displayed no visible defects and retained their mechanical properties. By mixing short-strand carbon fibre and Nylon PA12, we have developed a unique material with far reaching uses and applications. Once just the material of choice for F1 teams, this extremely strong and stiff composite printed material is being adopted across Aerospace, Marine, Automotive and Sports Manufacturers. Our Carbon SLS offers the best stiffness to weight ratio of any printed plastic in the UK with temperature resistance up to 170*C. 3D Printing / Additive Manufacture is no longer just being considered for rapid prototypes but is starting to be considered for low-mid volume production runs. With the design freedom offered by 3D printing and the speed of which a part can be produced, the AM market is set to be the next industrial revolution. Get in touch to discuss how AM can help with your manufacturing process.


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