Are SLS Parts Porous?

The porosity of SLS parts has long been a concern for designers and engineers but not a problem for Graphite AM’s customers. With our Double-Dip Vacuum-Impregnation Sealing process which offers a ‘belt and braces’ approach for any parts that may be subject to high pressure differentials, high temperature fluid flows or extreme environmental factors. In the pursuit of weight saving, wall thicknesses are being pushed closer to the 0.8mm recommended limit. At this thickness even the best SLS materials can become porous. With more customers considering Additive Manufacturing as a long-term manufacturing solution, Graphite AM have developed a suite of sealing, plating and finishing services. With our Double-Dip Vacuum Impregnation Sealing process even the most volatile fuels and oils are kept at bay and are fully fit for purpose. Graphite AM’s in-house developed high-performance SLS materials are the ideal choice for oil system components, water pipes, brackets, baffles, clips and ducts. The team behind the attempting to break the world land speed record – The Bloodhound SSC have taken advantage of this exciting technology and have used Graphite AM’s Carbon and Graphite reinforced materials for a variety of parts large and small. Get in touch to find out more about Graphite’s finishing and sealing processes.


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